18650 Li-Ion Cell from Laptop Batteries, 2400-2600 mAh Capacity

Sku: deep24002600

18650 Li-Ion Cells From Laptop Bateries, 3.7v-4.2v tested

Capacity 2400-2600 mAh.

Recommended charging rate max. 1c.

Recommended discharging rate max. 2c.

The price is per piece, within the available stock.

The stock is updated every day.

Batteries are tested individually with a professional charger (megacellcharger.com).

The test is performed at a charge/discharge rate of 500 mA per cell for the most accurate result.

For this reason, regardless of the batch of cells available in stock, the test capacity is an average of 80 cells per day.

They are recovered from laptop batteries and power-banks.


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