Fast Forward Your Lithium Cell Testing With Megacell Charger

Tired of Wasting Time Writing Capacity On Your Cells?

Megacell Charger Have Been Designed To Solve The Problem Of Testing Lithium Cells!

To make it possible to recover lithium cells from old batteries, you need a straightforward workflow that provides the best results for the time you put in. Automations become popular for a reason, and it cuts the costs, especially when doing repetitive tasks.

The process of recovering and reusing lithium cells is the following:

  1. Get the dead Batteries
  2. Pri them open to extract the cells
  3. Cleanup the cells from the spot-welded tabs
  4. Measure the capacity
  5. Tag the cells, write capacity on each cell, create a document with the cells you have
  6. Sort the Cells
  7. Arrange and connect the cells in strings and rows to form new packs

The first three steps require manual labor, but it’s fun. It requires some skill level to obtain clean and reusable cells.

Automation Is The Way To Go To Make Cell Measuring Profitable & Worthwhile.

The rest of the steps are monkey business that almost no one likes. Especially the part where you need to write on each cell, write in an excel spreadsheet, then lay down all the cells to find the right ones for your pack.

Tedious work is well paid if it requires skill to do it, but this kind of work does not require much skill, and it makes cell recovery not worth it because of the amount of time it takes to do the monkey part.

Now, here’s where automation comes in handy. The only thing you must do is to place the cells into the Megacell Charger, and the automated workflow will start.

Measuring the cells, comparing the results with the original datasheet of the cell, telling you how much life the cell has remained, what capacity, what internal resistance, show you graphs with the temperature and in the end, print you a label that can be applied directly on the cell.

Automatically Index Cells In Database Print Labels Instead Of Writing By Hand

The best part is that you can scan the QR code from that label to automate the process further when sorting the cells for the new pack.

We Started This Project Because
We Got Bored To Death While Measuring
1000 Cells For A Powerwall

We started this project back in 2019 while working on a Powerwall Battery Project. First, we bought a few regular cell testers that we found on the market and got to work.

We quickly realized how tedious it is to measure the capacity of the cells you want to reuse from laptop batteries, E-bike packs, hand drill batteries, and other lithium batteries.

The workflow was to insert the cells, press a bunch of buttons to get the capacity test starting, wait a few hours until the process completes, then write by hand on each cell the capacity, rinse, and repeat.

This process might sound easy, and it is when you do a couple of cells, but if you plan on testing hundreds or thousands of cells, you will realize how much time you waste by writing down those numbers.

Being in the software development business for over eight years and having a colleague with hardware development experience, we decided to implement a solution to speed up the process.

It took us two weeks to get a prototype board ready and software to test the basic functionality. We then shared the idea on a few DIY groups to see what people think about it, and I was astonished to see how many people were interested in such a device.

The prototype’s main features were to test the cell and automatically print a label using a label printer such as Dymo450 and store the results in a stock management database. But after we built the prototype and put it to work, we found so much more advantages of using this system.

Here is the list of features that we ended up building into the Production Megacell Charger

  • 16 Cells Capacity 
    We found that designing a device to hold 16 cells matches the processing power of an electronics that is affordable and offers precise results.
  • Full Control Over Your Testing Slots. You can set different cycle count, charge or discharge state, manual or automated workflow - visualize graphs with temperature, current, voltage and capacity result.
  • Fully Optimized Database. You will get all the test results stored into a database, with unique cell ID's and advanced features for updating cell health, doing automated volt drop tests and stock management of the indexed cells and packs created using your cells.
  • Individual Cell Charge / Discharge With a Setting For Number Of Cycles + data logger. The software allows you to control individual bays and set different parameters for each bay.

The Price Of This Device Doesn't Even Matter...

If you value your time and sanity, the price of this device won’t matter if you are into recovering lithium cells or testing them for battery building. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and choose to automate this step. This device will make the difference between quitting or succeeding with your project.

I know we are DIY’ers, and we want to get things done as cheap as possible, but sometimes we are acting so DIY that we will lose the scope of the project we started on and start building different tools that will help us keep sane while doing the project we wanted in the first place.

I am guilty of this as well, but there are instances when this is not a good idea... One of those instances is when manufacturing the tools takes much more time than what it will cost you to buy a tool. Another thing is that they might be too complex to build, preventing you to move forward with your main project. 

If you care of building the battery you wanted or about harvesting cells for a profit, forget about using conventional testers and secure your Megacell Charger from this page. 

Do You Know The Difference Between A Well Balanced Pack And One That's Built In The "God Please Help Me" Style?

If you build a pack using cells that are not precisely measured, tagged, and sorted, that pack will be a nightmare to balance by the BMS. Providing you with less than optimal results for the amount of work you put into building that pack. It will be like building a puzzle arranging the parts in the wrong order.

Using the Megacell Charger will allow you to create a precise road map on how the cells must be arranged in that pack for optimal results.

This is The Solution That Will Keep You Focused On Your Work


The list of features is soo long that it will take me at least one hour to explain them, but I will present the main features that are guaranteed to save you hundreds of hours of tedious work. The best part is that you don’t have to be a savvy software user.

We created a simple interface mode that will get you started in less than five minutes from installing the software.

  1. 1
    Simple To Use: We focused on keeping things simple and optimized for regular users
  2. 2
    Fully Automated Workflow. This means you insert cells, measures them, charge back to the voltage you set, automatically prints labels, replace cells and it starts over, no button press
  3. 3
    Huge Time Saver. This is the main benefit of Megacell Charger. It has so many features that I will eat your time explaining them on this page, you can check the Manual after you purchase it. Every feature makes sense, trust me!
Megacell charger

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

“Jehu Garcia - Review of our prototype Device"

“One of our first clients"

"I really enjoyed working with the megacell charger.

It was a long but great experience that pushed me to become more interested in this project.
The hardware is reliable and will hopefully not change.

The software has its bugs from time to time, but thankfully, Martin is dutch too, so he was the perfect solution to all my problems.

Kudo’s to Martin for responding 24/7 and responding helpfully (even after a million questions, haha) "

Kind regards,

Tom Wolvers

“4 Units Sent To Australia"

"I received my four megacell chargers to Australia in perfect condition, and I’m very happy with what I’ve paid for, I thank you for your product and I understand the difference between shipping a finished product and trying to get a new product to market.👍"


“Straight to the subject"

"The charger is working great so far. The software is pretty easy to figure out. Keep up the good work!"



Secure Your Megacell Charger!

We would love to have a large stock available for everyone to get their devices, but unfortunately our stock is limited and we are not sure when components will become again available to produce new devices.

I recommend to buy the Megacell Charger while it's in stock for only €220.

Megacell Charger With No PSU

Megacell Charger With 5V 20A PSU

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Megacell Charger FCC and CE Certification

Megacell Charger FCC and CE Certification

Alex Gradea

Initiator of Megacell Charger

About Me

I develop software and other type of digital products since 2008. In 2013 I have started a company called 3D-Brothers and I begin working with various tallented people in programming and hardware engineering to expand the complexity of the projects I worked on. I've built a lot of devices, solar tracking systems, solar panels from scratch, wind turbines and cnc machines, 3D image rendering facility and software are a few of the projects I worked on in the past years. 

Fast forward to 2019, when we started working on a new guide on how to build a powerwall (giant battery to backup a house) and we saw that there's no solution for measuring cells to give our users to properly buid the battery DIY, we decided to take on that challange and offer people an optimized device for this purpose alone.
This is how Megacell Charger appeared

We Fully Documented The Usage Of The Device

We have created documentation showing what you will receive with the Megacell Charger, showing the entire process of measuring and tagging your cells.

E-bikes and E-scooters number increase, and there are tons of broken batteries that awaits to be recycled. There are hundreds of dollars worth of cells in each of those packs that you can collect using the right tools. Many other portable devices use lithium batteries, hand drills, vacuum cleaners, internet modems, medical equipment, children’s toys, etc.

Take advantage of this trend and jump onboard by securing your Megacell Charger. Our stock will deplete very fast, this is the 7th batch we are selling, and one batch usually holds for max one month. We are in the middle of the stock now, and I cannot guarantee that we will get a new batch very soon due to the lack of components in China.

Take action now by clicking on the add to cart button. This tool is everything you need to automate the cell measuring and sorting steps.

We also provide step-by-step video guides on using the device in production to get you up to speed ASAP.

Don't Wait Any Longer! You Have The Right Solution
In Front Of You

We offer six months warranty for each device, but if you are using it properly, it can last a lifetime, as there are no moving parts in the device.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

It's not a fair comparison for the other devices because they have now software to control the results, but it's only fair to compare the devices if they are used for the same purpose, no one should be offended

The Pros List

  • Process 16 cells at the same time.
  • Label Printing from within the software, compatible with dymo450 (really, really affordable labels).
  • Variable Discharge rate 100 -> 1000 mA
  • Software  to control multiple devices at the same time
  • Temp sensors per cell (improved safety)

The Cons List

  • Price
  • It's heavier than the regular testers (1 KG without power supply)
  • Takes more space
  • Requires a PC for software to use the advanced features 
  • PC Software compatible with Windows machines only. (Android and IOS apps offer only limited features)

Lithium Battery Testing On Steroids With Megacell Charger

  • Connect to multiple devices wireless
  • Database and management software
  • QR codes for advanced sorting automation
  • Advanced algorithms for bad cell detection
  • Great software support
  • Custom workflow creation

Megacell Charger With No PSU

Megacell Charger With 5V 20A PSU

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You have 15 days to return the product if it's not providing the results that I have described. I stand behind the claims I make and the only reason that sounds cocky is due to the amount of work that we've put into this project as a team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s this device doing?

How’s this different from the cheaper testers available on the market?

How do I pay?

How soon do I get it?

P.S.: This is all I had to say for now about this device, like I mentioned before, there are a lot more features and benefits about this device and about the workflow that you can implement using these into your pipeline.

I would rather let you discover by yourself after you get Megacell Charger in your hands and put more time asside to read the documentation manual and watch the video tutorials we've made. I know time is important, that's why I decided to build Megacell Charger, remember?.

I wish you the best!


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